My name is Claudia Chavez, and I am running for Cedar Park City Council Mayor. My family and I have been living in Cedar Park for a little over 14 years. My youngest son took his first steps in Cedar Park, and my middle son is a native Texan born at Darnell Hospital, Fort Hood, my husband's duty station, for four years. My oldest would be considered an Army Brat and now a career Army man.

I met my husband, Dorian, at community college, not knowing that we both had joined the Army's delayed entry program. Neither one of us wanted to admit we had signed a contract with the military in fear the other wouldn't want to continue dating. Three sons and 25 years later, our story is one that I will always cherish; the ups and the downs. It's through our struggles and failures we learn the most.

I am a veteran of OIF I (Operation Iraqi Freedom). My two oldest sons were 5 and 3 when I departed for Iraq. Leaving my two young boys behind so young was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Leaving them in their father's care made the separation bearable. My sons won the lottery with their father. During my deployment, I worked in the hospital and assisted on convoys as a medic. Our two oldest boys felt the calling to enlist; one humbly served, and the other continues to humbly serve our nation today. He is currently deployed.

I consider us refugees, NOT missionaries from California. We left California to escape their failed policies, high taxes, and Cultural Marxist agenda. I see this beginning to happen here in Cedar Park, and I will honorably fight to preserve Texas's history and tradition. Don't Mess With Texas.

While living in Cedar Park, I have volunteered my time to different programs. I have a considerable problem listing any volunteer work because I genuinely believe a humble servant does not boast about their charitable work. I had no idea or desire to run for office, so listing any volunteer work I have/am doing now would be tainting good works with the sole purpose of doing it and expecting something in return. I'm blessed with a husband who supports my desire to stay home, care for our family and others (behind the scenes), and homeschool our youngest son.