Mandate Freedom: Constrain the Government to its enumerated powers so that it does not impede the Liberty of the People it serves.

  • We will never shut the city down

  • ALL citizens are essential

  • We trust the citizens can self-govern


Taxation Relief: Each individual possesses the right to own and steward personal property without government burden.

  • NO to low-income housing or large apartment developments, Yes to condos and townhomes/single-family homes

  • Reduce city tax rate in proportion to increasing home values 

  • Increase Homestead exemption to the MAX allowed by the Texas Constitution


Public Safety: 

  • Secure the City 

  • Genuine Support Law Enforcement and First Responders

  • REAL safety, NOT a veil of safety



  • We are landlocked

  • Support construction of Condominiums and Townhomes

  • Roads and Utility Improvement & Optimization are crucial to our success, but with less debt


Effective Engagement:  

  • Direct engagement with our businesses

  • Direct engagement with our County Representatives and other City essential entities. 

  • Genuine Constituent Services